UI & UX Design

Pavlin Yordanov
Creating and designing Web and User Interfaces for media and software industry with over of
20 years of experience.

mob: 0899 49 09 32
mail: pinkofx@gmail.com
skype: pinko_skype

Pavlin Yordanov

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Web design studio - It was made initially in Flash with nice animations
Channel Lists - 10ft Experience
Mobile TV Application - Mobile Experience
Top 10 - Software for Android TV
Add To Archive - Android TV Feature
EPG for iPhone - Television Software
Clean Code - Software Company
Gsm site - preview
IMG.bg - website
Smart TV Landing Page - 10 Foot Experience
Fullscreen Experience - 10 Foot Experience
10 Seconds Rewind - Double tap on a Mobile Device Experience
Icons and interfaces - software elements
iOS Design Versions
iOS Walktrough
interfaces - previews
Login Screen - for software application
Menu - for software application
iPad Application - Business comunicator
iPhone Mobile App - You can see presentation -> Here and ver2.
Android Application Flow - preview of an android application
iOS - In-Call Screen Icons
iOS In-Call Screens
Web Site Pulse- Server Monitoring System
Worldcup 2010 - website mock-ups
News website - previews
Small web gallery - preview
Golf - preview
Game - Flash game
Storyboards - for flash headers
Animated Header - animated header in 3D
Chess game - Flash preview and 3D Renders
Qnext Interfaces - Software application mock-ups

Brandings: (just ideas used for ads on websites, not real brands)

branding 1
branding 2
branding 3